International Journal of Neonatology

International Journal of Neonatology

  The International Journal of Neonatology (IJNE) is a multidisciplinary journal that publishes research across a broad range of topics devoted to the understanding, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of neonatal conditions. The journal's focus is on improving and advancing the practice of neonatology, emphasizing evidence-based clinical care, translational research and innovative clinical solutions. Areas of interest include fetal development, neonatal intensive care, developmental care and nutrition, birth defects, genetic and functional testing, neonatal neurology, neonatal surgery and perinatal outcomes.  

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International Journal of Neonatology is a comprehensive, peer-reviewed journal that helps disseminate original research work, having a unique aspect of covering many areas which contributes to providing an awareness of research studies of scientists around the globe.

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The "International Journal of Neonatology" stands as a premier scholarly publication dedicated to advancing the field of neonatal medicine and healthcare. This journal serves as a vital platform for disseminating cutting-edge research, clinical advancements, and critical insights in the realm of neonatology.


Authors can submit their manuscripts through the online submission system on our website. Please follow the step-by-step submission instructions provided, ensuring that all required information and documents are included.

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All submitted manuscripts undergo a rigorous peer-review process to ensure the highest quality of published articles. Our expert editors evaluate the scientific merit, methodology, and significance of the research, providing constructive feedback to authors.

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The International Journal of Neonatology covers a wide range of topics related to neonatal medicine, including but not limited to: Neonatal intensive care, Perinatal medicine, Neonatal nutrition, Neonatal infections, Developmental care, Neonatal neurology, Neonatal surgery, Neonatal respiratory care, Neonatal cardiology, Neonatal imaging.

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The editorial board of the International Journal of Neonatology is comprised of esteemed professionals and experts in the field of neonatology. The editorial board plays a crucial role in maintaining the journal's standards and ensuring the publication of cutting-edge and impactful research.

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The archives of the International Journal of Neonatology represent a valuable repository of knowledge, reflecting the dynamic and progressive nature of neonatal medicine. The journal's archives boast a comprehensive collection of articles spanning a diverse range of topics within neonatology.



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